Are you concerned about cataracts?

It is essential to have a consultation to diagnose your condition. We will perform a health screening and develop a treatment plan to ensure you will have a successful outcome.

A consultation will determine your general eye health and if cataracts are the primary cause of your vision loss. We will conduct a variety of tests to see if you are a candidate for cataract surgery. We will go over all of your questions and discuss your visual expectations. We will also cover any other procedures that will best suit your needs.

Cataracts do not always require surgery. Some people who start to develop cataracts see just fine with prescription glasses or a magnifying lens. But as time passes and cataracts begin to grow, cataracts may become more symptomatic. These symptoms include dim, blurred, or double vision when looking through the eye with the cataract. The progression of symptoms can make daily activities difficult, including reading, working on a computer, driving, or anything that requires good eyesight.

By learning your unique goals and expectations, we will create a plan preoperative plan. Our top goal is to maximize the surgery's ability to improve your life and let you return to normal activities.

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